Services at Conquest Technology Solutions
Oracle APPS
Conquest Tech Solutions, Inc.., provides Oracle application and technology assistance over a lifetime. Our expertise in varied Oracle applications enables us to create customized products that best suit your business objective. We analyse your business processes and then formulate business plans that enhance your business.

Overtime we have serviced varied industries with our expertise and business reference models. Our project implementations and tools enable us to enhance our client businesses and make the most of varied market opportunities. We develop cost effective projects within the timeline saving both time and investment. A strong IT planning procedure coupled with business assets enables us to create a suitable business plan that will work over a lifetime.

Our team consists of dedicated and experienced personnel who partner with our clients to understand their business need. Their understanding helps formulate detailed action steps that better achieve their targets. They also evaluate the current work structure of the client and identify initiatives and opportunities that can be aligned with Oracle’s product line and the business.

Our Oracle application development procedure includes:

Observe vital business drivers and understand how Oracle components can work as important enablers
Assess the current status and the future situation of the application in relation to varied business needs
Integrate Oracle's product guidelines and design plans accordingly
Identify prospective opportunities and initiatives that can work with Oracle Application and Oracle Fusion Middle ware
Consider and work around significant considerations such as working authority, vendor management and data architecture